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Google Chrome no longer works after upgrading to OS Mojave

Some Apple computers which have been upgraded to Mojave no longer are able to navigate to web sites, primarily within Google Chrome. The "Keychain Access" trust settings will need to be changed to correct this issue.

The following steps should be followed to resolve the issue:

1 - Launch the "Keychain Access" utility

2 - Select "System" (Keychains) and "Certificates" (Category), both located on the left-side of the Keychain Access window

3 - Double-click the "ContentKeeper Root CA" entry

4 - Change the 'Trust' settings from 'use System Defaults' to 'Always Trust'

5 - Close out the window that you made the change to by clicking the red X

6 - Enter the system password to make the change ("You are making changes to the System Certificate Trust Settings" dialogue window)

If there is a second ContentKeeper Root CA entry, repeat steps 3 through 6 for that second entry