• NYCSD IT Helpdesk

Groupwise Mobility Setup

    1. Samsung – Android Devices
      1. Need to go the settings
        1. Click on the three lines to the left of Inbox
        2. Click on the Gear ICON
      2. Click Add Account
      3. Add account
      4. Enter your GroupWise email address and password
      5. Click manual SETUP 
      6. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
      7. Server Settings
        1. Add gwsync to the Exchange server nycsd.k12.pa.us
      8. Click Next
      9. Security Warning
      10. Period to Sync Email change to 1 week
      11. IF you active Messages you will also get all your text messages sent to this email account. I tried it and they all come in as No Subject. 
      12. Click Next
      13. If you want you can change the Account name of leave it the same – Click Done
    2. Iphone and Ipad
      1. Settings
      2. Accounts and Passwords
      3. Create (Add) an Account
      4. Select Exchange
      5. Type in your email address (EmailAddress@nycsd.k12.pa.us)
      6. Type NYCSD GroupWise in description. (Make sure you capitalize NYCSD and G in Groupwise. See example below)
      7. Manual Setup
      8. Type In your password
      9. Next
      10. Server – gwsync.nycsd.k12.pa.us
      11. Domain – leave blank
      12. Username (Just your email name without the nycsd.k12.pa.us)
      13. Next
      14. Go to the mail client and you will see the email account according to the description you gave it.